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Discover the benefits of business digitization.

2C Solution digitises your business, thereby simplifying your work.

Established in 2005, 2C Solution offers the IT tools required to store and retain your data as required by law.

Millions preserved pages per year.
Millions e-Invoices managed per year.
Thousands satisfied clients.
Hundreds business partners.

Discover the advantages of being


Save time and sell more! We’ll see to everything.

For you, a fully-comprehensive service meeting every statutory requirement.

Bring the digital revolution into your


Make your work process quicker, simpler and leaner.

Choose digital intelligence for your business.

What can we do for you?

We provide the definitive solution to a long-standing problem: how to reduce paper use.

We bring the Digital Revolution into your business, thereby simplifying your work.

Create intranet/internet portals in which to share business information and documents, also via mobile devices!

Preserve, search for and view your documentation in a digital archive.

Organise, classify and search for your documents using a simple and powerful Document Management System.

The simplest, most secure e-Invoicing solution!

Manage a wide range of key business processes through a high-performing Business Process Management platform.

Store your certified emails for 10 years, digitally and in accordance with the law!

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